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"Severity for Those Who Resist"

Released: 1997, Runtime: 122 Minutes Color Country: USA Language: English Rated R Genero: Thriller

Movie Review for LaserDisc:
Richard Gere stars as Jack Moore, a high-powered American attorney (Richard Gere) who finds the rules of order are different in a Chinese courtroom when he is arrested and falsely accused of murdering Lin Cheng (Tzi Ma), a seductive young model, and daughter of a powerful General (Tsai Chin). Discovering that the rule of thumb is guilty before proven innocent, he realizes that he must convince his court-appointed attorney Shen Yuelin (Bai Ling, in a quietly powerful role) that he is blameless before he can even begin to convince the court. Moore struggles to endure torturous prison conditions as he slowly begins to prove his innocence to Shen Yuelin, who is forced to question the teachings of the cultural revolution and the court's condemnation of an innocence man. Together they must fight to find evidence that has disappeared, while risking their own lives in a city seething with enemies. As they begin to uncover the scandal behind the murder of Li Cheng they must fight the rules of the old guard in a battle for life and free will. A seductive thriller, that includes beautiful footage of Beijing and rural China.

Reparto: : Richard Gere Bai Ling Bradley Whitford Byron Mann Peter Donat Robert Stanton

Director: Jon Avnet

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